★ Falkor Ensemble & Michel Sajrawi Trio at Kabareet ★

Kabareet, Haifa

Two jazz / improvised music collectives at the hippest place in Haifa downtown in one night. Falkor Ensemble plays original music in a modern, energetic vein with a strong emphasis on improvisation, spontaneity and group interplay. We like to bring each piece of music to its climax and then break it apart... Watch: Gai Shouval - Alto saxophone Evgeny Shavelzon - Guitar, Composition Yoray Hammer - Bass

Rotem Yellin - Drums

Sajrawy's musical finesse is to reconcile the jazz of western culture with the „Maqamat“ of the Middle East, he has perfectly developed a whole new sound that mends both, all together his music takes you on a beautiful and divine journey. Michel Sajrawy - Guitar Loai Abu Sinni - Keyboards Stas Zilberman - Drums DOOR OPEN 8PM Entrance fee: 40 coins